Bootstrap 4 Responsive Calendar as an ASP.NET Core TagHelper

I recently needed a nice-looking month-view calendar that could display color-coded events. After searching around the Interwebs, I found a few options, but nothing that quite met my needs. I've »

C# Async Tips & Tricks

The following are few tips and tricks for working with async in C#. This is as much a reference for myself as anyone else, but I figured it would probably »

Customizing Swagger UI in ASP.NET Core

If you're not already using Swagger with your ASP.NET Core API, you should start. You get a completely out-of-the-box set of API docs and a ready-made testing platform, all »

Everything is a PBI

I was recently surprised by a question asking if technical debt should be considered a "chore" and subsequently, should it counted in your velocity or not? First, the term "chore" »

ASP.NET Core Configuration with Environment Variables in IIS

I'm kind of in love with the way ASP.NET Core handles configuration. You can basically choose any kind of store you like: JSON, User Secrets (development only), environment variables, »

0..1 to 1 Relationships in Entity Framework

Occasionally, I run into something that seems so fundamental that I'm surprised I've never encountered it before. Today, I just had one of those moments. I needed to model a »