Getting a partial URL From Request.Url

Even after almost 4 years working with ASP.NET, I can still never remember what property I need from Request.Url. So, as much to aid my own brain as »

Automatically get ASP.NET Identity user with an assist from Ninject

How many times have you found yourself doing this: [Authorize] public async Task<ActionResult> Foo() { var user = await UserManager.FindByIdAsync(User.Identity.GetUserId()); if (user == null) { AuthenticationManager.SignOut( »

Be Careful with Fluent Configuration and Entities Using Complex Types

I ran into a very odd issue today. I was attempting to add a new record and was getting database integrity exceptions because a particular set of columns were configured »

Repository and Unit of Work Patterns with Entity Framework

I'm sure just about every new ASP.NET MVC developer stumbles upon this tutorial on the ASP.NET site written all the way back in 2013: Implementing the Repository and »

Getting Started in Photography on the Cheap

This post is a bit of a departure for my blog here, but I recently took up photography as a hobby, and wanted to share some quick tips for other »

Moving beyond "the book"

If there's one bit of sage advice I could pass on to new developers, it would be this: know when to move beyond "the book". I don't want to discredit »