Your Title Is Not Static

Having been involved in hiring at multiple points in my career, I get the opportunity to review quite a few developer resumes. One thing I've noticed as a perennial issue »

Using C# 6.0 or C# 7.0 with MVC 5

The version of C# that your solution or project employs is fairly abstracted. It's not very obvious what features are or are not supported unless you try something and see »

Taking a page from Python

This incarnation of my blog began with my foray into the wonderful world of C# and ASP.NET MVC, but in a previous life, I was a Python developer. One »

Can we just kill off VB already?

I should start with a disclaimer. I have no love for VB. I'm a C# developer, but more to the point, I'm a C developer. I grew up on C-based »

Bind Is Evil

There's a handful of things that boil my blood, as a developer. One of those is the seemingly innocuous BindAttribute. Unfortunately, Microsoft seems to have a knack for placing landmines »

Programming Is Not For Everyone

There's been a push in recent years to expose more people to programming. Organizations like are trying to expand access to computer science curriculumns in schools, online schools »