C# Async Tips & Tricks

The following are few tips and tricks for working with async in C#. This is as much a reference for myself as anyone else, but I figured it would probably »

Using C# 6.0 or C# 7.0 with MVC 5

The version of C# that your solution or project employs is fairly abstracted. It's not very obvious what features are or are not supported unless you try something and see »

Taking a page from Python

This incarnation of my blog began with my foray into the wonderful world of C# and ASP.NET MVC, but in a previous life, I was a Python developer. One »

Can we just kill off VB already?

I should start with a disclaimer. I have no love for VB. I'm a C# developer, but more to the point, I'm a C developer. I grew up on C-based »

Thread-Safe, Strongly-Typed Memory Caching in C#

Quick and simple. This extension adds a strongly-typed version of AddOrGetExisting that utilizes Lazy<T> to ensure thread-safety. public static class ObjectCacheExtensions { public static T AddOrGetExisting<T& »

A Truly Generic Repository, Part 2

This is part of a series on using generics in C# to make code more resuable. Other articles in this series: Generic Entity Base Class A Truly Generic Repository, Part »