A View by Any Other Name...

Some of the most common confusions I hear about from MVC developers concern views, specifically layouts vs. partial views vs. views. The simple fact is that the terms "layout" and »

There's no such thing as a "partial view" client-side.

This is a bit of a rant, but this fundamental misunderstanding is so widespread, I felt it needed to be addressed. As a lurker for the asp.net-mvc* tag on »

How to change the default ASP.NET MVC theme

If you've come across this post, it's most likely that you're scouring the web for how to change the "theme" in an ASP.NET MVC project. That's intentional. I see »

Display Templates and Editor Templates for Fun and Profit*

If you've ever worked with Razor in ASP.NET MVC, I'm sure you've noticed a few built-in HtmlHelpers, Html.DisplayFor, Html.DisplayForModel, Html.EditorFor and Html.EditorForModel. The latter two »